Nina N.

I have been going to Dr. Martin Jones now for several years. My first visit with Dr. Jones was at Airrosti . When he opened his practice at Williamson County Chiropactic has followed him there. I was having severe neck pain and headaches. Since under his care my pain has decreased. I now go once a month for Wellness. The care and attention that he gives his patients is outstanding. I consider Martin as family. I highly recommend anyone who suffers from chronic pain to visit his practice.

Nicole S.

I have been a going to dr Jones since they opened.
He and his staff are great. I went in for neck and upper back pain and have been feeling great since completing my care plan.

Vickie W.

My husband and I learned of Williamson County Chiropractic during one of Georgetown’s Second Saturday’s. After talking to the staff, I decided this was where I needed to go for the right kind of help. After a couple of months, I had my husband make an appointment for frozen shoulder. We both have been very impressed with everyone there. Both of us feel the care each person is given is much more personable, we don’t feel like numbers. Dr. Jones and his staff make us feel like family and have helped each one of us and we appreciate the service they provide.

Liz H.

Dr. Jones and his staff are wonderful !! Almost a year ago, I had to stop hiking and my daily walking because of the progressive pain in my lower back and legs. Since I have gone through the 9 week treatment for subluxation and continue with the wellness plan, I am happy to say that I am up to 3 miles of walking per day Thank you, Dr. Jones and staff !!

Dawn M.

For a little over a month I felt as if I had a lump/knot of some sort on the right side of my throat. It was not painful but more of an annoyance. It seemed to bother me more after eating or taking my supplements. I have been under chiropractic care most of my adult life and firmly believe “The power that made the body heals the body”. I can’t remember the last time that I have been to a medical doctor. But this wasn’t going away, so it began to worry me. I decided to ask Dr. Jones if he could take a look at it before I made a doctor appointment or went to the ER. He found that I had a strained muscle in my neck!!!!! He did some manual therapy on the area and applied ice. It was instant relief. Knot completely GONE!!! Thank you so much Dr. Jones! You are truly a gifted chiropractor!